Village Management

Village Solutions Australia specialises in the management of Retirement Villages in Western Australia. This is our core business.

Village Solutions Australia provides comprehensive services, from the complete full time management of your Village to short term caretaker support while you arrange your staffing requirements.

Our management resources place us as your experts in not only strategic management but also in the day-to-day operations of your Village.

Village Solutions Australia manages a number of Villages within the Perth metropolitan area, drawing on the combined experience of its staff to implement efficient and compliant management systems.

senior-womanIn our role as Managers, our brief generally includes assessing current management systems and either implementing comprehensive management systems we have developed ourselves, or upgrading our clients systems to ensure compliance with the relevant Legislative framework and industry best practice principles.

As a matter of course, Village Solutions Australia identifies areas which do not comply with relevant Western Australian State Legislation, and with consultation, implements time and cost effective solutions to meet the relevant compliance standard/s.


Other day-to-day tasks expected to be undertaken by Village Solutions Australia when managing Villages include:

  • The assessment and monitoring of the compliance of the Village with the Retirement Villages Act 1992 and to implement systems to ensure compliance;
  • Attend to resident queries and requests, including garden and maintenance requests;
  • Co-ordination of contractors for refurbishment of units, where/if required;
  • Monitoring of resident satisfaction;
  • To implement a range of Retirement Village Industry best practice principles within the physical environment and management of the Village;
  • To advise the residents of the modified pro-active management system for the Village.

Download our Management Services Brochure HERE