About Us

Village Solutions Australia employs experienced staff in property management, compliance and governance, sales and financial disciplines specific to the retirement village industry. This ensures Village Solutions Australia is able to deliver a holistic approach to its clients in an effective and efficient manner.


Fiona Davidson – General Manager

Fiona has been working in the retirement industry for 7 years with Village Solutions Australia and brings with her years of experience in the human resources, recruitment and marketing disciplines.  Fiona possesses an Advanced Diploma in Village Management and contributes as an active member of the Property Council, Retirement Living Division. She is also a Board Advisory Member with Retirement Living – LASA. Fiona is also a Next-Gen Ambassador in WA and is passionate about encouraging people to talk about career opportunities in this sector.

Fiona provides a diverse range of skills and offers strong communication, sales and customer service knowledge and experience through senior management positions having worked with national to boutique organisations within WA, SA and QLD. Fiona has an elevated level of management, organisational, human resources, sales and administrative experience and is the General Manager for eight villages that are represented by VSA across Perth.

Fiona is well versed in legislative compliance and financial aspects of the retirement village industry and is well placed to provide solutions to villages in distress right through to those seeking guidance with process in accordance with legislation. Fiona reports to a variety of client owner structures. She is highly regarded for her superior level of industry “hands on” experience at both a sales and management level within the industry.

Rebecca Duckham – Operations Manager

Rebecca has been working in the retirement living industry for 8 years with PEET Ltd at its award-winning Latitude Lakelands Lifestyle Village. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge in Development, Strata, Property, Retirement and Financial Management.  Rebecca possess an Advanced Diploma in Village Management, Certificate in Business Administration and Advanced Strata Management.

Rebecca offers a history of successful leadership in all aspects of Village Operations. With proper application of expertise, genuine interest and management training, Rebecca is at home with her current role as the Operations Manager for eight Villages across Perth.

Rebecca is very conversant in legislative compliance and financial aspects of the retirement living industry. Being extremely outcome focused she possess the skills necessary to model a very effective working team environment which produces high standards and job satisfaction for her Villages


Gerald Major – Director

Gerald Major FAPI Diploma of Valuation and Advanced Certificate of Business (Real Estate) is a certified Practicing Valuer (Licensed Valuer No 51 in the State of Western Australia) and a Licensed Real Estate Agent (Triennial Certificate No 37435).

Gerald has been involved in industrial, commercial and residential real estate for over 40 years. He has a wealth of experience across due diligence for the acquisition of an investment properties, with a significant portfolio in a range of feasibilities and appointments involving retirement village marketing, sales and valuation.

Gerald commenced his real estate career with the Department of Industrial Development where he was involved in the development and sale of industrial estates.

Gerald has acted for Southern Cross Care, Mercy Care, Brightwater, Catholic Homes, Baptist Care and Churches of Christ Homes in a range of feasibilities and appointments involving retirement village marketing, sales and valuation. More recently Gerald has been appointed to act for the Department of Housing and Works on several research/feasibilities for joint venture ownership of retirement villages. 

Sigrid Adams – Director

Sigrid specialises in managing retirement villages in Western Australia. Prior to becoming a Director of VSA, Sigrid founded Village Support, a company which provided village managers with resource tools and relief management services. The extensive number of village management reviews undertaken positioned Sigrid as a management and best practice expert in not only strategic management but also in the day to day operations of retirement villages. Sigrid is a Licensed Real Estate Agent.

Being employed by the industry for over two decades Sigrid has the insight necessary for developing robust systems in change management and the setup of new and existing villages. Sigrid has experience working with local government and notoriously problematic villages to bring about positive outcomes.

In Sigrid’s role, the brief generally includes assessing current management systems and either implements comprehensive management systems we have developed ourselves or have upgraded our client’s systems to ensure compliance with the relevant legislative framework and industry best practice principles.  More recently Sigrid has been involved in village sales and has successfully concluded a number of villa sales over the last 18 months.