Sales & Marketing

Village Solutions Australia, is a full service real estate agency.

Gerald Major Principle / Licensee No. 37435 specialises in the sales and marketing of retirement villages.

We offer a highly personalised service to a select range of clients.

Village Solutions Australia offers property advice on marketing to investors and project developers in the residential, commercial, industrial and retirement village sector. The group also offers valuation services to private and government organisations.

We are well versed in ensuring we stay on market, in trend and are able to pro-actively provide recommendations to owners regularly in terms of market response, objections being received and then additionally proving possible alternative options for owner’s consideration.

It is not our business model to represent all organisations and list all villas for sale within the industry. We are dedicated to a partnering approach and therefore dedicate our energies towards specific client relationships and developing those relationships rather than that of representing every owner/ operator in the market.

Insight and effort are able to be provided by VSA in terms of resourcing and knowledge to ensure that the marketing efforts in its various forms are well timed, well costed and are a compliment to the sales strategy of the dedicated sales team.

Our current processes clearly follow the Retirement Villages Act and Code and this would continue in the marketing of your retirement village. This involves interviewing the prospective resident (or family of the resident as the case may present) and advise or discuss requirements of the process of marketing the villas and apartments under the ‘lease for life’ resident scheme document.

Some offers will be unconditional while others may be subject to sale of another residence.  In this circumstance, we review the price/saleability of the other ‘trade in’ residence prior to recommending acceptance of the subject to sale offer. Advice is given based on market conditions and in some instances a 48-hour clause may be suggested.

Our client reporting procedure is to prepare a monthly status report as regard sales activity that is enquires/inspections, reservations and conditions thereto.